New Business Owners, or Existing Business Owners. Is created a business analysis process that will provide a clear path to launching and/or improving a successful business plan. Keeping your business on the TRACTS, is a professional guide through the business planning and implementation phase. In addition to the TRACTS analysis, I have created a performance and Situation management process FETIS and CIS that will transform performers and effectively impact the working culture.






T – Targets – What are your business targets? Are they in clear sight?

R – Range – What is the range of your business scope? Local? Regional, Domestic? Or Global?

A – Advantages – What are your distinct advantages? What separates you from your competitors?

C – Challenges – What are the three biggest challenges you face as a business?

T – Timeline – How long will you conduct your operation before reaching your breakeven point?

S – Sustainability – Can your current business model sustain you past the shallow end of business growth?



F – Foundation      – Understanding the three “I’s” and the three “D’s”

E – Expectations   – How to establish expectations.

T – Transparency  – Creating a safe culture for feedback.

I – Inclusion           – Team build and team-based culture.

S – Succession      – Performer growth and development process.



C – Control – Understand what you can and cannot control.

I  –  Influence – Recognize the ten types of Influence in an organization.

S –  Support – How do you support effective and less effective influences.


A- What is the desired outcome (Aspiration)?

R – Where is your settling point (Reservatioj)?

E- Is there an opportunity to add more value (Expand the pie)?

A – What is your bottom line (Anchor)?

S – What can be added to the deal for reconsideration (Sweeten the deal)?