• Clarifying the organization’s mission
  • Reviewing policies and procedures
  • Examining job descriptions
  • Accessing the employees strengths and weaknesses
  • Evaluating managers and supervisors effectiveness

We will help identify your leadership style and show you how to effectively use your resources to realize higher outcomes.  How do your peers view you?  How do you present yourself?  Are you confident?  How do you think?  Are you effective?  These are questions that we focus on, we will evaluate your organizational skills, we will determine if your communication style is highly effective, we review your task list and establish if you can delegate responsibilities, we will help you hold a high bar of expectation on you as well as those who work for you and we will teach you the importance inspecting what you expect.

Coaching is about building confidence so you can be more effective and efficient in your duties! We evaluate your position, the duties that your position expects and design a blue print for your success.  When it comes to executive coaching, we begin our process by introducing you to the following five principles:

  • Provide management and supervisor training
  • Strengthen lines of communication between employees and managers
  • Teach employees how to be more efficient
  • Create an effective work environment
  • Review and advise on work place emotional safety

As an organization expands there are often times when a change is needed.  Whether its merging two departments, dissolving a position or creating an additional branch, change management must be carried out with detailed care and planning.  In a fast pace business world change is inevitable and necessary.  How change is implemented can be the difference between continued growth or decline in progress.  We evaluate each detail of a change plan and make recommendations on the most effective approach of implementation.

  • Evaluate current best practices initiatives
  • Transition redundant systems to more efficient systems
  • Maximize employee strengths with performance requirements
  • Merge health and fitness protocol with performance review
  • Incorporate a team first atmosphere

Extracting the most effective output from employees requires steadfast focus companied with support and accountability.  With the implementation of our touch and go meeting strategy the employee should always know what is expected and where their performance measures to the expectation.

When employees use our situation management system it will not only assist their communication with their customers it will broaden the line of communication between them and their supervisors.  By using this approach, the employees will have more resource tools to effectively perform and represent the vision of the organization.

  • Outline clear performance expectations
  • Create a supportive performance support system
  • Establish a safe work environment for employee expression
  • Introduce systems checks and balances for maximum effectiveness
  • Protect the integrity of an open door and expressive environment

Outcomes are directly related to the bottom line, how do your employees perform?  How much effective output is expected?  We carefully evaluate each employee’s expectation, we help organize each employee’s performance agenda, and we increase the lines of communication between the staff, supervisors, managers, directors and their customers.  Before a supervisor assigns a task we ensure that the expectations are outlined and clearly understood.  Establishing the most efficient and effective system for both the employees and supervisor is our objective.

  • Create a highly competitive working environment
  • Provide employees with a motivating incentive program
  • Support a promotion from within approach
  • Hold brain storming clinics and encourage employee involvement
  • Support Human Resources effort to train, educate and re-educate employees