Marital, family, and custody conflicts can be extremely challenging to manage, both for the individuals who are going through the process and for the courts who rule on these matters.  Our objective is to assist our clients to effectively manage each situation prior to presenting their issue to a judge.  This approach will allow our clients the opportunity to be an active part of the solution.  Self-determination is a crucial aspect of mediation.

There are some instances when mediation is unsuccessful and the outcome is solely in the hands of the courts and out of your control.  A judge’s decision will rarely account for the individual’s personal desires and circumstances.  The conclusion is almost certain to leave one party unsatisfied.  Moving forward with the trial process often deteriorates communication and the relationship between parents in a divorce or custody case and there are many times that the deterioration of a parental relationship will leave the child emotionally compromised.

“I was under the impression that we needed an attorney to mediate our situation”

“Mediation allows parents the opportunity to self- determine their outcome!”

Mediation is a more effective solution if both parties are willing to find a middle ground.  In mediation both parties sit down with a skilled mediator to discuss possible options for resolving the issues of the conflict.  Through this process, you can influence a more balanced outcome of your dispute.  Joe Henderson’s Life Card approach can develop manageable options that are specifically tailored to your circumstances.

Often after a divorce the children are lost in the shuffle, the transporting to a meeting place, getting out of one parent’s car to enter another parent’s car trying to preserve the perception of integrity in the eyes of both parents.  The child tries not to answer questions from each parent about the other parent’s business.  There are times when the children may feel responsible for the separation.  Depression or anger may be the vehicle that the child uses to release their stress over the separation.  This unfortunately happens far too often.

The child has a front row seat to witnessing emotions from the parents during the child drop off and pick up situations.  Parents often out of frustration display an emotional outburst in the presence of the child.

The intensity of the emotions can be effectively managed through an effective mediation process and agreement.  Both parties have the opportunity to invoke their self-determination to outlying the parameters of the mediated agreement.  It is important during the mediation process to outline clear and stern expectations and to cover as many situations as possible.