Dis-organization, poor communication, and unresolved disputes may cause irreparable damage and challenges the effectiveness of the workforce.  We believe that conflict can be extremely productive if effectively managed.  In a highly competitive environment disputes are common and can be the fuel to accelerate a desired outcome.

Solution based conflict demands a heightened sense of collaboration and will often lead to a high level of intellectual input.  Assessing current situations and establishing benchmarks for success, we will be able to implement systems that will lead to higher output and productivity.  Ensuring each party fully understands the expectation, thus, transforming challenging situations to effective resolutions.

Ideally, employers would like each of their employees to foster a supportive working environment with mutual respect.  Often the distance between handshakes is too great which can lead to situations in the workplace where co-workers refuse to get along or work effectively with one another.  Employers cannot demand that their employees get along, but they can expect their employees to represent themselves in a professional manner conducive to the vision of the organization.

We offer a solution-based method that modifies the way people approach each situation.  Our purpose is to assist employees in creating effective outcomes by collaboration and increased output.  This approach modifies the behavior of the individual and initiates a team concept.

The Life Card Situation Management concept will undoubtedly provide ways to perpetuate an effective working environment and manage conflicts when they arise.  We offer resolution tools for those involved in disputes to effectively manage their situation.

We understand that enhancing communication skills in key areas of human interaction may decrease conflict and increase productivity.  People typically work better and smarter when their strengths are recognized and utilized in a cohesive work environment.  Investing in creating and maintaining effective dialogues may lead to employee satisfaction, improved productivity, employee health, higher employee retention, and an improved bottom line.

The Life Card Coaching method is a solution-based concept that modifies the way employees approach each situation.  Our purpose is to create effective solutions for challenging situations, thus, outlining acceptable behavioral modifications for resolving challenges.

This approach modifies the individuals behavior and by doing so, changes the organizational culture.  We will undoubtedly provide ways to perpetuate a highly effective working environment and manage conflicts when they arise.  We offer tools for those involved with a conflict to use to effectively manage their disputes.

“It was hard to let go and trust Joe’s system, but once I did, I saw instant results, my relationships were in clear perspective and my work performance was more efficient!  Joe has a gift of reframing situations that may have been a barrier and transforming it into a team challenge”
– Stephanie V.